Our resident traveler (oxymoron?), Dave knows a lot about a lot and a little about everything.  Wondering about a good place to eat in Buffalo, NY?  He’s got a few suggestions for you.  Or a new brew pub in Faribault?  Ding!  Dave’s your man for any engaging entertainment or entertaining engagement.


Rocky is the Grand Dame of St. Paul; the Mayor should give her a key to the city!  She’s fun, sweet, entertaining and pretty much the bee’s knees.  Let Rocky take you for a spin on the Pedable Hulk; heh, just ask the Incredible Hulk.  He’ll tell you she “Rocked” his world!



When not fighting crime or dancing a psychedelic jig, Green Man Wes will safely guide you through the sometimes rough-and-tough streets (it’s a construction zone out there!) of Downtown St. Paul with the knowledge and stealth of a ninja and the odd charm of a grown man in a nylon costume.

Da Jamee Masta

Feel free to marvel at Jamie’s outstanding head of hair and/or her extensive knowledge St. Paul.  She is a lifetime Saint Paulite who will beguile you stories of the best places to imbibe around town, drive you to the doorstep of your choice and then help you with your calculus homework.  That’s why she’s “Da Masta”!