ATTENTION: It is ILLEGAL to drink in the parking lot, on the street or anywhere else in the city of Saint Paul UNLESS YOU ARE PHYSICALLY ON OUR BIKE OR IN A BAR.  THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS.  If you or anyone in your party consumes an alcoholic beverage before he/she is specifically given permission by our driver to do so, we reserve the right to not allow this passenger(s) to ride and/or cancel your ride.  Why?  BECAUSE IT IS AGAINST THE LAW.  

So what do I have to do to take a ride?

CALL!  E-MAIL!  Let us know what day and time you prefer and how many will be ‘riding,’ and we’ll let you know what dates are available.  Hurry, this thing is popular!

How many people fit on this thing?

We have one bike that fits up to 14 people.  12 ‘bicycle’ seats, all of which are adjustable. Whomever wins the arm wrestling competition beforehand can take a seat on the ‘bench’ seating or be the bartender!

Can I drink on it?

We wouldn’t expect anything less!  As of right now it’s BYOB.  Plastic cups and cans only.  Hard alcohol and/or glass bottles of any kind are not allowed.  Please drink responsibly.

Are gnosh and beer provided in the cost?

They are not, but again please feel free to bring snacks and adult or non adult beverages.

Where do we pick up the vessel?

The vessel departs from one of St.Paul’s best bars: Amsterdam Bar and Hall. The bar has a full delicious menu, a great beer and drink selection and live music every night of the week.  Come for a ride, stay for some food and music. WWW.AMSTERDAMBARANDHALL.COM

What about parking our cars? Where can we park?

There is plenty of parking near the Amsterdam Bar.  You can park in the Lawson Ramp or Impark Lot for a fee, otherwise there are plenty of meters on the streets of St.Paul.

What if our ride is longer than the timeslot?

Our drivers do a great job of keeping folks on task and moving on to the next destination, but because the pedal tavern is powered by its passengers, they determine the speed at which the tour progresses.  For scheduling purposes, it is imperative that the tour end within 10 minutes of the scheduled return time.  We reserve the right to charge the paying credit card after the tour if necessary.  Please review rates for late fee charges.

What kind of deposit do we need to have?

No deposit is required, but Amsterdam Pedals reserves the right to charge the credit card you used at booking if the vessel is damaged or late.  We want everyone to have a blast, but lets limit the ‘shots’ to the ones going down the hatch.

How do we choose our route?

Simply discuss that with your driver when you arrive.  We like to play things “by ear” and are always open and flexible to modify the plan as the ride evolves.

Can we rent it out and take a different route than the ones you have?

We are always willing to discuss new routes, but remember the pedal car is powered by your groups legs.  We picked routes that are fun and comfortable.  The pedal car can make it up small hills, but not steep ones (the hill on Summit is a steep one folks!).  It never hurts to ask if you have an idea for a route, we just need to make sure it’s possible and comfortable for your group.

Who drives this thing?  What do we call him/her?

Green Man Wes?  Dame Rocky?  Johnny C?  Visit our driver page and make a request, depending on availability we’ll do our best to hook it up.  All of our drivers are a blast, and will only add to your groups experience.  Call your driver your party starter, and remember THEY HAPPILY ACCEPT TIPS!

What about hearing some tunes while aboard?

If you don’t want to hear Wes play his newest jingle or Mandel Scandal freestyle, please bring an I-pod with the playlist of your choice.  When the taverns a rolling the tunes will be a bumping.  We’ll always have an I-pod on board if you forget.

What if it rains?

Unless it’s extremely severe weather, we will ride. It’s actually really fun when it rains, groups have a blast. Plus there is a roof so you will stay relatively dry.  Bring a garbage bag!

What if I have to reschedule?

We’ll always do our best to work with you, but due to the popularity and limited time slots available for the pedal tavern we ask for at least 30 days notice.  If you need to reschedule due to inclement weather we’ll get back on board as soon as possible.

Hold old do you have to be to ride?  Is there a height requirement (I know some short peeps)?

You must be 18+ to ride.  Six seats are adjustable for you 5 footers.   Anyone shorter than that gets to skip the exercise and ride on the bench seating……or bartend!

How early/late can we party on the vessel?

Hours of operations on weekdays (Monday-Thursday) are 5:30-10:00PM.  On weekends (Friday-Sunday) we can get you out between 10:30AM-10:00PM.  The city will not let us operate during rush hour, but we should be able to accommodate any mid-day ride during the work week upon request.